Identify the first true religion, with pure worship.

Who was that? The Israelites (Sons Of Abraham, God’s Friend) were the first and only true religion.

They worshiped the one true God Yahweh. They were a monotheistic One God, not a godhead or 3 in 1.

They had a man prophet named Moses who mediated between the people and God.

God gave his prophet 10 laws. Moses dispensed these to the people, they as a group voluntarily agreed to live by them. They were the way to life and happiness.

Obey them and be happy. Disobey and suffer the natural law, damaged the conscious damaged relationship with God, and /or worse death.

They were given a system to maintain pure worship if they failed they were disciplined and once they repented, changed their course from sinning they were put back in the system of pure worship.

Note: They could not change that they were sinners, they were born as sinners, inherited by Adam the first man who became a sinner by disobedience

The Rise of the true Christian faith.

Rising out of that system, came a redeemer to further purify worship so that some from earth could dwell in heaven with the originator of pure worship Yahweh or modernly Jehovah.

This son of Israel who is also the son of God Jesus Christ

He with his father’s blessing elevated pure worship so that no longer was it a system of festivals and sacrifices.

The new way was based on principled love. Exemplified by our redeemer Jesus Christ.

If you fail in pure worship you now have a friend in heaven who gave his life to help you along the way in pure worship.

The congregations of God on earth largely developed by the apostle Paul continued pure worship in an organized way.

Around 280 A.D. Christendom developed impure worship by joining many false practices that became part and parcel with what was deemed pure worship.

To be clear. Pure worship, never got lost only men who did not stick to the basics of pure worship got lost.

In conclusion, do you want to live in heaven? Do you want to live forever in perfection on earth?
Do you want to know that you are a fully pleasing God, and never be fearful of any judgment?

Follow these steps.

We have Identified the pure religion, (i.e) Original Christianity, from Jesus to the Apostle Paul.

Any celebrations or doctrinal ideas that sprang up anytime around 280 A.D. and forward are not a part of pure worship, thus are not a part of true religion.


Practice the principles Jesus and his apostles preached and practiced.

Search for and follow gods moral laws and principles;

Associate with others who do not deviate from the top 2

Any religious practice that was not firmly established by 100 AD. are not part of pure worship.

Such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas, the trinity doctrine, is not a part of pure worship.
When you fail in pure worship, you have not failed as a pure worshipper, the way to stay in pure worship is. Do not practice sin.

When you sin immediately confess it to Jesus, ask for his forgiveness, change your course, then move on in pure worship, because you are forgiven, and do not doubt that.

I hope this helps you, in your search for the true religion and pure worship!

This is my conclusion after studying the bible for 40 years,

When you strip down Christianity to its core to find its purity, it has to start with its master root Abraham, the father of the Israelites, extended to Jesus the redeemer of all mankind, who established a path to heaven for an elect amount of Christians.

The rest of us will continue pure worship on earth under divine leadership of Jesus and his elect who is to bring all Christian mankind back to perfection and then give his father back the kingdom with a perfected human race , so he becomes as he was with the Israelites, the one, and only true God.

Why are there no scriptures to support this concept?
This is not designed to discuss eschatological theory.

Biblical support is to be done by you the reader to convince yourself.

If there are no scriptures no one can say I have misapplied any thought or that I took an idea out of context.

With the internet, research is as easy as 1 2 3.
One resource is